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January is Financial Wellness Month.

 Maybe it’s time for you to have a money check-up. The best way to do that is to ask yourself what’s the purpose of your money. Pay attention to the Universal laws of money, such as:

1. Determine the purpose for your money. Why do you want it? When you have the amount you are asking for, what are you planning to do with it?

2. Focus on what you do have - not what you think you are lacking. What you focus on is what you get.

3. Bless your money. Every time you take out a dollar and hand it to someone, i.e., a store cashier, bless the money as it leaves your hand and wish it to bless someone else.

4. How is you money coordinated in your wallet or purse?  Is it a crumbled mess or placed in a neat manner? Start treating your money with care.

5. Act as if you already have the amount of money you want. Do things that make you feel good. Feelings are feelings. The Universe doesn’t know the difference.

6. Watch your words. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” say instead, “I choose not to purchase that now.” NEVER use the words broke, not enough, poor, etc. Instead focus on positive words, such as, abundance, plenty, riches, and wealth.

7. Be open to money. When someone pays for your meal, offers you money, or even does something nice for you, ALWAYS except it. When you refuse money offered to you, you refuse the abundance to flow to you naturally, and it will stop.

8. Find a penny on the ground? If it’s tails up, something good is coming your way. Pick it up and realize abundance is all around you. MONEY IS MONEY, and it’s there for you. Find a penny tails down? Pick it up and place it back on the ground tails up for the next person to find. As you walk away, send good thoughts to the next person who finds it.

9. Become aware of all the pennies you find and start collecting them. You can even move up to dimes as I have. Place them in your home where you can see them every day. Make a little sign next to them that says, “Abundance is all around me. It flows to me naturally, and I am blessed.”

10. Want more money? Give more money. Pay for someone. Getting coffee or going through a toll? Pay for the person behind you. Be open to your surroundings to see where you might be able to pay for someone. You will be amazed how it makes you feel. And when you feel good, what happens? More money flows to you!

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Issac Asimov’s Birthday AND Science Fiction Day

 Isaac Asimov was a brilliant visionary. Using his incredible imagination, coupled with a supreme intellectual mind, he wrote copious science and science fiction books, articles, and manuscripts. He soon discovered a thin veil between the two genres. Instead of peeking through the delicate science and science fiction partition, Asimov punched a hole large enough for a spaceship to blast through, allowing us to literally see our future.

Envisioning the future genuinely excited Asimov. Born on this day in 1920. He delighted in sharing his insights and postulates with the world. His main goal of scientifically predicting the future was to help us prepare for inevitable change providing us with an advantage for prosperity, peace, and a thriving world. With Asimov’s foresight, we have the ability to mold mankind’s future. Through his teachings, he taught the importance of adjusting what you do today with the fact of change in the future. This is even more important given the acceleration of change as time evolves. Science fiction fights the notion that things stay the same while preparing us for the inevitable. We are now living the science fiction of yesteryear and as a result, have a glimpse, based on Asimov’s precise predictions, of what our future holds.

An example of one of these predictions is the enlightenment of the world resulting from computers now performing mundane tasks humans once completed. No longer tied to paltry drudgery, as many were during the Industrial Revolution, we are now free to express ourselves through creativity and freethinking. We now have the time to allow spirit to flow through us creating the future we desire.

And what future do you desire? You are free to create it, expand it, and blast out into the universe with it. On this Science Fiction Day, in honor of Isaac Asimov, and as Janus looks toward the future; you can embrace change and decide what you want.  It is yours to have as we travel through an Asimov future full of trains faster than planes, solar wind satellites sailing through space like clipper ships upon a deep, blue ocean, and global problems solved through unified governments using super computers. And as like-minded, John M. Richardson, Jr., Professor Emeritus in American University’s International Development Program at the School of International Service, said, “When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.”

What does your future hold? It’s all up to you.

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